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21-Mar-2018 12:55:08 / by John Dee


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The fully vitrified pieces from the Churchill Super Vitrified collection provides contemporary table presentation, with a touch of elegance.This versitile Brand is at home in fine dineing establishment as it is a cosy tea room or busy pub even in the comfort of your own home! Choose from styles such as delicate embossments and vintage prints to bright colours and traditional designs, on fully vitrified and strengthened crockery. Both modern and unique, Churchill China offers the perfect solution for establishments with a diverse menu, requiring long lasting, versatile plates, bowls, cups and much more. For businesses that require crockery branded with a company logo, we offer a custom branding service.

Our selection of domestic and catering crockery from Churchill China offers everything from Plain Whiteware, which will look at home in any environment, to ranges like Snack Attack and Sumatra, which are diverse, funky collections with a specific target in mind. No matter which pieces you need, or which collection you choose, you can be certain that our Churchill China is of the very highest quality, and built to last.

Super Vitrified Stonecast

Stonecast is a collection that is inspired by the the seasons' shape and landscape. The shades used on the plates enhance the natural colours of your food. Each plate is hand decorated to give a design that is subtly unique.

Super Vitrified Stonecast

Super Vitrified Stonecast Patina

Combining earthy tones with subtle variances of colour, the Stonecast Patina range is super vitrified for strength and is therefore the perfect ceramic crockery for a variety of occasions. Churchill Stonecast Patina is available is a range of tones.

Super Vitrified Stonecast Patina

 Super Vitrified Studio Prints Raku

Raku embraces a design that mimics the patterns caused by chance reactions that occur within the kiln. The design is applied under the final glaze so it’s protected and won’t fade over time. Some items within the collection carry Churchill’s 5 year edge chip warranty.Super Vitrified Studio Prints Raku


 Super Vitrified Studio Prints Homespun

Made to look like handmade, homespun pottery, with a design taken straight from Churchill’s archives, studio prints is an under glaze design that allows you to bring a rustic feeling to your table setting.Super Vitrified Studio Prints Homespun

 Super Vitrified Vintage Prints

Add charm to your dishes and create a stylish dining experience for your customers with these pretty vintage print plates. This elegant collection from Churchill China has a dainty appeal, yet is remarkably durable.Super Vitrified Vintage Prints

  Super Vitrified Moresque

The timeless design used to decorate the Super Vitrified Moresque pattern is perfect for complementing the presentation global cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Mexican and Spanish Tapas. All plates are backed by a 5 year edge chip warranty.Super Vitrified Moresque

  Super Vitrified Bamboo

Bamboo replicates the patterns that occur naturally in wild bamboo. All of the plates within this collection carry a 5 year warranty and are finished with a specially developed Eco glaze that catches and reflects light beautifully.Super Vitrified Bamboo

 Super Vitrified Profile

Profile offers light catering crockery with a stylish rolled edge and a reduced stack height for easy storage. Each plate and bowl is strong and durable with a Super Vitrified ceramic body, able to withstand the roughest treatment.Super Vitrified Profile

 Super Vitrified Discover

Discover is a collection of crockery that consists of shapes inspired by our natural surroundings. The plates and bowls create a complimentary canvas for your chef's creative food presentation.Super Vitrified Discover

  Super Vitrified Trace

Designed to mimic the shape and feel of hand thrown crockery, Trace allows you to bring a traditional touch to your table setting whilst still having the build quality you would expect from Churchill. Super Vitrified Trace

 Super Vitrified Evolve

Evolve is a compact yet highly versatile range of coupe shaped plates and bowls. Equally suitable for fine or casual dining with a glazed base minimizing metal marking and table scratching. Dishwasher and microwave safe.Super Vitrified Evolve

 Super Vitrified X Squared

X Squared enables a fresh new look for every course. It is highly versatile and can be mixed with other Churchill China ranges. A glazed foot on all bowls and plates reduces scratching and a refined rolled edge enhances durability.Super Vitrified X Squared

 Super Vitrified Orbit

A striking and innovative range of items ideal for gastro pubs, restaurants and bistros. The coupe plates feature softly undulating curves, whilst the oval bowls have high sides and dramatic curved edges.Super Vitrified Orbit

 Super Vitrified Lotus

Modelled on the Lotus flower this collection of accent pieces has an organic, innovative design. A flexible range of bowls and plates, the spacious food serving area lends itself perfectly to contemporary food presentation.Super Vitrified Lotus

Super Vitrified Mediterranean

Inspired by the Mediterranean, this exciting range of highly versatile plates and bowls work across the menu to provide great flexibility. Now with the addition of two new contemporary bowls - Flare and Glide, both available in two sizes.Super Vitrified Mediterranean

Super Vitrified Equation

Stunning appearance with deep bowls, elevated curved profiles and wide rims that frame the food, these contemporary multifunctional pasta plates offer differentiation to the table and work across the menu from pasta to desserts.Super Vitrified Equation

 Super Vitrified Contempo

The Contempo range of dinner plates offers uncluttered catering crockery with a flat centre, gently encircled by a curved rim, which allows the food to take centre stage. The range is perfect for serving all types of cuisine.

 Super Vitrified Plain Whiteware

This versatile Plain Whiteware range includes everything from plates to cappuccino cups, and is the ideal choice for service directly from the freezer or oven to the tabletop.Super Vitrified Plain Whiteware

 Super Vitrified Buckingham White

The fine embossing of Buckingham White complements food presentation in any catering environment, offering great value with all the benefits of Churchill China's Super Vitrified renowned strength and durability.Super Vitrified Buckingham White

 Super Vitrified Chateau Blanc

The Chateau Blanc crockery collection from Churchill China features a contemporary shape, delicately embossed with an Art Nouveau inspired intertwining leaf pattern. This large range of items offers durability and style.Super Vitrified Chateau Blanc

 Super Vitrified Retro Cafe

Delightful range of vintage style crockery, ideal for adding retro charm to cafes, bars and coffee houses. Made from heat-retaining super vitrified china, the innovative stacking system enables the teapot to act as a tea cup warmer.Super Vitrified Retro Cafe

 Super Vitrified Buckingham Sumatra

A floral design in rich greens and yellows, featuring the distinctive embossed edge of Buckingham's crockery collection by Churchill China. This stunning traditional range includes everything for tea or coffee service.Super Vitrified Buckingham Sumatra

 Super Vitrified Pavilion

Make a statement with this stunning blue and white trellis design. The Churchill Pavilion collection includes plates, bowls, cups and more. This beautiful crockery evokes a bygone era, and will suit any occasion.Super Vitrified Pavilion

 Super Vitrified Chelsea

Churchill China Chelsea is finely decorated in a floral spray design, coloured in pastel peach and green with a tasteful motif on the inside of the cups. This elegant range may have a refined and delicate look, but is in fact highly durable.Super Vitrified Chelsea


 Super Vitrified Venice

Churchill China Venice has a cool, elegant and sophisticated marbled border design in distinctive indigo with an inset jewelled motif. With its super vitrified body, it can withstand the rigours of even the busiest catering environments.Super Vitrified Venice

 Super Vitrified Verona

Churchill China Verona is a collection with a full range of items featuring a cool, refined deep jade marbled border, with an inset jewelled motif. This design creates a bold yet highly sophisticated look, ideal for fine dining.

 Super Vitrified Milan

Churchill China Milan is a sophisticated design with a rich marbled border and inset jewelled motif, available as a classic wide rimmed shape. This attractive range includes everything from plates to vases. Super Vitrified Milan

Super Vitrified Clyde

This Super Vitrified Clyde collection features a simple design, coupled with elegant edging in contrasting maroon and grey bands. This range includes everything from plates and bowls to cups and saucers. 

 Super Vitrified Sahara

Decorated in shades of warm buttermilk, Sahara has a unique hand crafted feel, creating a relaxed atmosphere. This collection, which includes plates and cups, has a super vitrified body for strength and durability.Super Vitrified Sahara


 Super Vitrified Vibe

This vibrant collection of six strikingly designed, Vibe spot and stripe mugs from Churchill China will add personality to any catering establishment. This range is perfect for coffee houses with a mix and match approach.

Super Vitrified Vibe 

 Super Vitrified Oslo

Oslo by Churchill combines understated design with functionality and durability, with a rich green band, line and shoulder line running around the edges. This crockery from Churchill China is durable, stylish and versatile. 

 Super Vitrified Helix

A contemporary yet practical range of conical and stacking beverage items, square plates, square bowls and oblong plates, Churchill China’s Helix tableware is durable and simply decorated in soft metallic spirals.

 Super Vitrified Salsa

The Salsa range from Churchill China is fun and colourful, featuring intricate chili motifs of to really spice up the table. It features a specially developed glaze to resist erosion and reinforced edges to increase chip resistance.Super Vitrified Salsa

Super Vitrified Terracotta

Add rustic charm to any occasion with the new range of contemporary crockery in the Terracotta glaze. This collection has been designed to compliment other Churchill China ranges including Tuscany and Whiteware.

Super Vitrified Tuscany

Designed exclusively for Churchill China by Jeff Banks, Tuscany is a range which includes plates, bowls, cappuccino cups and more. This beautiful porcelain crockery will create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers.Super Vitrified Tuscany

 Super Vitrified Rustics Brown

Traditional teapot with a rustic brown glaze which highlights the teapot's charming imperfections and characteristics, ideal for brewing a perfect cuppa with everyone's favourite earl grey, Assam or breakfast tea.

 Super Vitrified Bit on the Side

Bit on the Side is designed to add the perfect finishing touch to any meal. Combining durability, versatility and ease of use, these stylish, multi-functional pieces can be matched to your existing Churchill crockery ranges.Super Vitrified Bit on the Side

 Super Vitrified Zen

Zen is a range of fusion inspired bowls available in contemporary white and reactive onyx glazes, ideal for serving pan-Asian dishes such as noodles and curries. Zen by Churchill China offers a stylish yet calming ambience. 

 Super Vitrified Cookware

Crockery that can withstand service directly from the freezer or oven to the table, Churchill Cookware is versatile and attractive and features an exclusive Super Vitrified ceramic body which ensures durability.Super Vitrified Cookware

  Super Vitrified Counter Serve 

A range of counter-serve crockery from Churchill China, with a Super Vitrified body, making all pieces highly durable. For inspiring food presentation, this set of dishes and jugs, deli jars and trays, provides a variety of serving options.Super Vitrified Counter Serve

  Super Vitrified Voyager

Voyager crockery can enhance the presentation of a variety of cuisines. This bold collection from Churchill China comprises dishes, vases, and condiment bowls, meaning it can be used to add a sense of intrigue to other ranges.Super Vitrified Voyager


 Super Vitrified Options

This multi-functional range of dishes is ideal for combos, shared starters or main courses and buffets. Durable, stackable and easy to carry, it features attached dippers, which are food safe and dishwasher proof.


 Super Vitrified Snack Attack

Snack Attack is perfect for coffee bars, fast food restaurants, banqueting and buffets where its vibrant colours showcase food and drink in an exciting new way. All items are chip resistant, durable and ideal for busy environments.Super Vitrified Snack Attack


Super Vitrified Just Desserts

This retro-inspired Just Desserts range is a quirky new way to enhance all things sweet, from puddings to milkshakes. These pieces can also be combined with wooden deli boards for a striking presentation.


Super Vitrified Monochrome

Churchill Monochrome embraces a range of colouring techniques to create contemporary two tone plates, bowls, mugs and cups. Rich shades and contrast stripes makes Monochrome the perfect contemporary crockery.

Super Vitrified Monochrome


Super Vitrified New Horizons

The New Horizons Colour Glaze catering crockery range is made from strong, super vitrified ceramic, allowing it to withstand a busy food service environment. These bowls, mugs and cups allow you to create colour mixes.


Super Vitrified Ultimo

Ultimo is a contemporary crockery collection designed by coffee connoisseurs, which is perfect for coffee houses, cafe bars, brasseries and gastro pubs. The collection includes all the crockery essentials for a hot drinks service.Super Vitrified Ultimo

 Super Vitrified Latte Ripple

A traditional latte design with a contemporary twist, this range offers a stylish solution for both tea and coffee by Churchill China's Super Vitrified range. This stylish range includes everything from latte mugs to cappuccino cups.Super Vitrified Latte Ripple


Super Vitrified Compact

The ultimate in functionality, a comprehensive stacking beverage system providing a fresh and practical solution for modern beverage service. Compact offers outstanding functionality and a stylish retro design.Super Vitrified Compact

Super Vitrified Stonecast Hints

Stonecast Hints combines the rustic charm of Stonecast's unique shapes and designs with a bright white gloss finish. The contrast band gives an attractive framework for carefully crafted culinary creations.

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