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Denby Ranges

16-Feb-2019 22:57:35 / by Mark Rust


Denby is famous for its stoneware, still Made in England in the same way it has been for over 200 years here our the best of our extensive range of ranges!

Halo pottery crockery Denby knows that strength is nothing without beauty. Equally strong and elegant, the popular Halo range is as handcrafted as stoneware comes. The magic begins in the kiln where two tones of a special secret glaze are expertly fused together. Each piece in the range is brought to life using challenging techniques for a truly captivating effect.


Halo Speckle
Halo Speckle is a unique design which incorporates two tones of glaze to produce a striking, textured finish. Works beautifully as a stand-alone range or can be mixed with the Halo collection. Produced at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire, Halo Speckle has been handcrafted to the highest-standard.

Halo Speckle

Azure Coast bring the Mediterranean to mind with the cool aquamarine tones of Denby Azure. Add pieces from Azure Coast to bring a touch of summer to your table, whatever the weather. A stunning collection, the Azure range has been a success since 2005. Designed and manufactured at the Denby Pottery, the range features a refreshing palette of powder blue and sea greens. Skilled craftsmen require specialist know-how to create this beautiful range. Explore our range, which includes plates, bowls, cups, mugs and dinnerware sets.




Azure bring the Mediterranean to mind with the cool aquamarine tones of Denby Azure.  A stunning collection, the Azure range has been a success since 2005. Designed and manufactured at the Denby Pottery, the range features a refreshing palette of powder blue and sea greens. Skilled craftsmen require specialist know-how to create this beautiful range. Explore our range, which includes plates, bowls, cups, mugs and dinnerware sets.

Denby-Azure Haze-Crockery-Pottery-1809-1 

Heritage Flagstone the soft, muted grey glaze of Heritage Flagstone offers a subtle and homely feel to any kitchen and is one of the latest additions to the Denby Heritage range. For an additional pop of colour mix and match with Heritage Piazza, combining soft pink and grey dinner plates, mugs and bowls to create the perfect tableware set.



Heritage Veranda
Inspired by 1960s Arabesque and new for 2012 as part of The Heritage Collection. Veranda adds a rustic feel to the home with eclectic tones of buttery yellow, duck egg and sage.


Heritage Terrace
A soft, French grey with a speckled textured glaze and golden break in the glaze. The stylised folk imagery is based upon the iconic Arabesque design from the 1960s. A sister pattern to Veranda, Terrace also takes its inspiration from Arabesque but uses the soft muted greys in line with modern houseware trends. The Terrace range still holds the boldness of the folk style pattern and has those handmade references that makes each piece unique.


Heritage Fountain
The Heritage Fountain range combines elegant contemporary blues and intricate detailing giving the collection a relaxed by the sea feel, which originated from taking inspiration from the artists of St Ives. The blue glazes reflect the nautical colours of sea spray and summer skies.


Heritage Pavilion
The Heritage Pavilion range takes inspiration from archive pieces from the 1950s. Morish ice - cream hues meet retro graphic motifs to result in truly artisanal pieces. Using only highest quality locally sourced clay, craftsmen use skills passed down through generations to create each piece. The range creates a relaxed feel throughout, with innovative speckle techniques being applied to create the artisanal motifs.


Heritage Orchard
Part of The Heritage Collection. Celebrate the natural way of life with this simple meadow floral in relaxed tones of apple green and oatmeal.


Heritage Harvest
Heritage Harvest is one of the latest additions to the Heritage range at Denby and combines natural nudes with sage and warming browns for a really homely feel. Available in a full tableware range featuring plates, bowls and mugs, Harvest will give a great feel to any kitchen and can be combined with Heritage Orchard for an extra dash of colour.

Heritage Harvest

Heritage Heath
New for 2017. Heritage Heath, Part of The Heritage Collection is Made in Derbyshire, England and features a striking lilac glaze with eye-catching gold detailing and a soft, natural inner glaze. Put together your own collection with everything from teapots to dinner plates or pair with Heritage Pavilion for a unique look.


Introduced in 2004, the Linen range is expertly designed and manufactured from locally sourced clay in the heart of Derbyshire. With each piece being hand crafted using expertise passed down by many generations. The Linen range features soothing oatmeal tones to create simplistic elegance to any dining arrangement. Lighten up with Denby Linen. Let its classic shape and neutral tones blend effortlessly into your home. For everyday or special occasions, Linen adds a fresh look to any lifestyle.


With a personality as strong and bold as its rich sea green colour and a wide range of cooking and serving dishes, Denby Greenwich will always be the centre of attention.


Imperial Blue
Denby's Imperial Blue is one of our most popular ranges, with vibrant blues and crisp whites making the perfect combination. A bold and modern classic for your home with everything from traditional dinner sets to statement Asian dining to matching glassware and utensils.

 denby-imperial Blue-crockery-pottery-1809



Blue Haze

A modern update to the much loved Imperial Blue collection infusing our unique glazing techniques with clean contemporary shapes.


Denby Azure Haze

Denby Elements
The Denby approach is simple; beautiful and practical tableware designed for modern life. And when modern life requires a no-fuss range of hard-wearing yet still beautiful items, enter Denby Elements kitchenware dining set for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Denby's affordable ceramic plates and cereal bowls; perfect for a timeless yet contemporary kitchen style. Hand-Crafted in the Denby Pottery from high quality, locally-sourced clay, Expertly glazed to enhance durability, Part of the Denby 10 Year Guarantee,Oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Contemporary colour tones to match any decor and pieces which are tough enough for everyday.

Denby Elements Black


Denby Elements Blue


Denby Elements Dark Blue


Denby Elements Light Grey


Denby Elements Natural



Denby Mug Collection


Denby Natural Canvas

Natural Canvas is perfect for those who are always entertaining. Our versatile range elevates even the simplest of meals into memorable get-togethers. Crafted to offer all the beauty and benefits of Denby stoneware with all the appeal and simplicity of white. Made in England and hand-crafted by skilled artisans, the pieces are both beautiful and functional.
denby-natural canvas-crockery-pottery-1809

Studio Blue
Denby Studio Blue is inspired by the trend for a natural aesthetic in the home using honest materials and ceramic crafting techniques. This quality stoneware collection, which is made in Derbyshire England, features a range of bowls, plates and platters designed with laid-back dining and entertaining in mind. The range combines four tonal glazes inspired by the colours and textures found in stone and minerals.
denby-studio blue-crockery-pottery-1809
Studio Craft
Studio Craft is the epitome of Denby's artisan and handcrafting skills with stunning neutral glazes perfected over 200 years and reinvented for a modern audience.


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