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Australian Fine China

25-Mar-2018 00:14:26 / by John Dee

Australian Fine China

The classic shapes and fine finish of Australian Fine China will enhance any table. A warm, ivory shade brings a timeless feel to fine dining presentation.austrailian fine china.png

The difference between fine china and Porcelain.

Porcelain is ceramic fired at the highest temperature to make a durable, non-absorbent material. It is resistant to bacteria growth and safe for dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens. Although this kind of porcelain is usually not considered fine china, it is good to use for everyday use without the high cost of better quality porcelains.

Fine porcelain china is made from white, hard paste composed of kaolin and patents. Kaolin is white clay made from feldspar granite and pegmatite that when fired remains white. Fine china is essentially porcelain that is white and translucent.

Australian Fine China has four exemplar ranges Standard, Beachcomber, Encore and Xtras. 

Australian Fine China Standard - Classic shapes and fine finish to enhance any table, add a timeless feel to fine dining presentation with this collection of warm ivory fine china.austrailian fine china standard.png

Australian Fine China Beachcomber - Inspired by the Australian love of outdoor dining, Beachcomber includes soft organic shapes to add interest to the tableaustrailian fine china beachcomber.png

Australian Fine China Encore - Innovative shapes offering a bank canvas for stunning food presentationaustrailian fine china encore.png

Australian Fine China Xtras - Ideal for buffet presentations and signature dishes, Xtras adds wow factor to food presentationaustrailian fine china xtras-1.png Click Here to Explore all our commercial crockery

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John Dee

Written by John Dee

John has been working in the Food and Hospitality Industry 2001, John is committed to increasing professional standards in hospitality. John can often be found on the Fens indulging in his second passion as a keen bird watcher with his trusted companion Jax his golden retriever.

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